& A M P - Automatic Multiples Production

& Make Production

An experiment in economy,
production and design:
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how can we shift focus from consumption of a finished product to investment in the processes of design, print & production?

AMP1: R-Echos issue 1
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Our first release, R-Echos issue 1
preview of the poster
AMP1: R-Echos issue 1 the poster.

Would you be interested in investing in the tangible production of this work?

Each participant can donate a minimum of £8 to become a shareholder. The amount of raised money will determine the material constraints that will apply to the printed version of the poster and pay for the printing. The final result will be evenly distributed to the participants. The process of raising the funds and producing the poster will be documented.
Each project page has a paypal button you can use to become shareholder (buy your share of the project); alternatively, you can also contact us directly and come have a coffee with us via email

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